Spraying Gun

mach No.:Spraying Gun

Accessories & Parts


  1. Caliber: 1.0mm

  2. Air pressure: 0.09mpa  

  3. Spray cap pressure: 0.05mpa

  4. Air comsuption: 50ℓ/min

  5. Fluid output: 55mℓ/min 

  6. Spray width: 100mm

  7. Fluid nipple G1/4, air nipple G1/4

  8. Good atomization

  9. Weight: 220g

  10. Spray distance: 150mm

  11. Place Of Origin:Japan


  1. Small fluid output using low pressure and low air volume which helps improve work efficiency.

  2. Little paint mist spattering and bounceback helps protect the health of painters.