Printing film
“IFFA” is the English brand of CCH film, it corresponds to Chinese brand 彩衣 of CCH film. This trademark was created in 2009, and now it is co-owned by CCH and its designing company.

Water Transfer Printing Film
IFFA WTP Film is applied to water transfer printing, which is also called 3D printing (3D coating), cubic printing (cubic coating), hydrographic printing, fluid imaging, and immersion printing. By IFFA WTP Film, customers can decorate their products with camouflage, wood grain, stone grain, carbon fiber and other designs.

Water Transfer Printing
Water Transfer Printing provides a way to decorate on many kinds of material such as plastic, glass, metal and even wood to enhance the additional value. There are more than 500 patterns available on IFFA Film, and we can also develop new cylinders for custom designs.

3D Printing (3D Coating)
3D printing is the same as 3D coating which focuses on the decoration of three dimensional objects, there is no limitation on this way as long as the objects can be dipped into water.

Cubic Printing (Cubic Coating)
Cubic printing, also called cubic coating which is an intelligent way to decorate cubic object, it brings more advantages than traditional printing which just can be applied on flat materials. Customers may use water transfer printing film to achieve the simulation of natural patterns such as wood, stone, camouflage, or artificial patterns like carbon fiber, military camo and geometric designs on their products.

Hydrographic Printing (Fluid Imaging)
Hydrographic printing comes from the idea of liquid since of the operation by water pressure, and it is also sometimes called fluid imaging.

Immersion Printing (Dipping)
Dipping is a term widely used in the field of water transfer printing since it is necessary to soak the material into water no matter in automatic or manual system, there is also another name immersion printing for this.

Thermoform Transfer Printing Film (Heat Transfer Printing Film)
Heat transfer printing’s process is based on the sublimation by heat, it can be applied on metal and plastic. Hot press and heat rolling are 2 ways which used frequently, and they have very good performance on the simple curved materials. Thermoform transfer printing film as one kind of heat transfer printing film, it is different from traditional hot press foil and heat rolling foil. It takes more advantage in large metal material such as aluminum frame and aluminum profile, the material is decorated by the heat in the vacuum condition.

In Mold Forming Film (ET Film)
It provides wide application for PU foam (Polyurethane) moldings, like PU cornice, PU ceiling, PU frame and PU profile for building material and like PU sole for shoes. It is also can be applied on the hard shell backpack and luggage for personal use.

TT Metal Lamination Film (TT Film)
Except painting’s simple effect, IFFA TT Film provides the alternative smart way to decorate the steel roll, aluminum roll and even aluminum-plastic panel. Now customers can have the metal materials to be camo, stone and wooden, and just use their original laminator without any new machine required.

Waterproof & Breathable Film
W&B Film is a revolutionist product used to be combined with flexible fabrics for sporty shirts and functional jackets. In the contrast to traditional PU coating, W&B film can achieve more wonderful visual effect. Most important of all, now CCH can print multiple colors on W&B even for some complicated patterns such as abstract, camouflage or mimicry.